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About Us

PMOWORK helps companies to improving their bottomline and improve their performance and productivity. We are a Product development and IT Consulting company. Through our various affiliates and trademarked website, we provide staffing, consulting and training services to Private, Public,Govt. and Educational Institute.

We are primarily a provider of system integration services within Retail, Media, Auto, Education, Healthcare and Finance sectors.

Q. What is the meaning of PMO in PMOWORK ?

A. PMO in PMOWORK stands for "Program Management Office". We bring Program Management Office (PMO) expertise into any work we undertake for our client. We will review and inspect your requirement from all angel and thoroughly brainstorm all issues and risks and provide resolution and mitigation for smooth delivery. Project Management expertise is necessary to achieve complete satisfaction from our stakeholders - clients - you. We apply the right combination of People, Process and Technology on all works and anything undertaken by us. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our delivery methodology, please check our Project Management and Delivery Process hereIf you want someone to consult with you on your next project, please contact us at sales@pmowork.com.